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How do I load documents and images into Summation™?
How do I produce documents out of Summation™?
How do I make errata sheet corrections in transcripts with Summation™?
How do I make deposition summaries in Summation™?
How do I make deposition designations for trial?
When I search the database am I searching the full text of my documents?

These are all questions lawyers and paralegals ask every day.  Advanced Litigation Solutions, Inc. is here to help.  We offer experienced, live training in your conference room at a per session rate (not per person).  We provide in-person training to law firms all over the United States.  Need remote assistance right now?  Remote assistance is available at a rate of $185/hr. and may be paid by credit card.

The following is an outline of both basic  and advanced Summation iBlaze™ training offered by Advanced Litigation Solutions, Inc.  Each class is taught by Charlene Agnew, Summation iBlaze™ trainer since 1996.  We will provide up to five laptops loaded with the software -- that means no setup is required by your IT staff.  The cost for basic training (Transcripts and Database) is $1,850/day plus travel expenses if applicable.  Additional 1/2 day advanced classes are available for $925 per session plus travel expenses if applicable.  Custom training manuals are provided for all participants.

iBlaze™ Basic Training Outline (Two 3-hour sessions)

Sessions may be requested in one full day (9:00am to noon; 1:00pm to 4:00pm)
-OR- two consecutive 1/2 day sessions (9:00am to noon both days)

Session One Transcripts: 3 hours

Overview of Summation iBlaze™

  • Navigating the Home Page
  • Case Explorer Tree
  • Public (shared) vs. Private Elements
  • Searchable vs. “Tools”
  • Advanced Toolbars with Text
  • Using On-Line Help (revisited throughout  training)

 Loading Transcripts

  • Load
  • Format
  • Rename
  • Alphabetize
  • Blaze

 Searching Transcripts

  • Vocabulary List Searching
  • Simple Searching from the Transcript
  • Complex (and/or) Boolean Searching
  • Case Explorer Search vs. Simple Transcript Search
  • Printing Search Results

 Working with Notes

  • Using Search Results to Create “Issue-Specific” Deposition Summaries
  • Issue Kits
  • Witness Kits
  • Follow-Up Question Designations
  • Errata (Correction) Sheet Designations

 Using “Digests” for Pleadings

  • Creating Deposition Designations, Video Starts/Stops, Motions for Summary Judgment, Motions to Compel, etc.

 Attaching Images to Transcripts

  • Creating Hyperlinks to Imaged Depo Exhibits (or to anything else!)

 (Optional) RealTime

  • Demonstration of how RealTime is used for instant capture of deposition testimony.

Session Two Database: 3 hours

Overview of Database

  • Database Views:  Form and Column
  • Database Modes:  Display, Edit, Add
  • Working with the Form View
  • Working with the Column View
    • Selecting and Organizing Columns
    • Sorting Data using Columns
    • Relabeling Columns (Use Wisely)
    • Creating New Columns

Searching the Core Database

  • Quick Searching (single terms, phrases, OR and AND)
  • Subset Searching
  • Right-Click Searching
  • Complex (Connected) Boolean Searches
  • "Find Near Values”

Editing and Quality Control

  • Vocabulary List
  • Tally
  • Document Number Verify

Printing Database Reports

  • Setting up the Report Format
    • Grid Lines
    • Header/Footer
    • Print Preview
  • Saving and Retrieving Multiple Formats

Working with Images

  • Images vs. Full Text (OCR)
  • Viewing Column/Image Layout

Adding New Records to the Database


Overview of Briefcasing and Production Tools


Overview of Tagging and Foldering Features

Advanced Summation iBlaze™ Training Topics

Advanced training is customizable to your needs.  You may choose any of the topics below or create your own outline according to your needs. 

DII Files - Advanced Option 1 – (3 hours)

q       Loading images from a DII file
q       Definition and anatomy of a DII file
q       Understanding the ImgInfo Table
q       Image paths for network vs. laptop images

Production Sets and Briefcasing - Advanced Option 2 –  (3  hours)

q       Document Review Procedures
q       Creating Production Sets
q       Understanding ProdNo, ProdIDs fields
q       Briefcasing
q       Excluding Privileged Documents

CopyCase  - Advanced Option 3 – (1-½ hours)

q       CopyCase and Merge Database features
q       Moving a case from the network to a laptop and back again
q       This is most effective through live example.  If you have a case thatneeds to be 
     copied to a laptop, we can get real work done while learning.

 Administrator Console - Advanced Option 4 – (variable 1-½   to 3 hours)

 q       Admin Console and Security – customizable to your specifications.

“Ask Charlene” Lunch Sessions – Advanced Option 5 (1 to 1-½  hours)

q       Gather your questions and ask Charlene anything you need to know.
q       Great for attorney overviews