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Advanced Litigation Solutions, Inc. has one of the most experienced trial consultants in the field.  Charlene Agnew has been using inData's Trial Director™ software since it was a 1.0 release in 1996.  Our experience in the courtroom frees the attorneys to do what they do best -- argue on behalf of their client.  We had an attorney tell us once, "We just aren't real big computer swingers here."  Our response was -- "You don't have to be, but you should surround yourself with people who are!"  With Advanced Litigation Solutions in the courtroom, it looks easy.  Contact us today for a demonstration or to let us know the date of your next trial.


Our trial presentation service includes evaluating the courtroom for equipment setup, working with attorneys and their staff to organize trial exhibits, perfecting opening and closing arguments and, finally, presenting evidence in the courtroom. Exhibits are displayed on monitors for the jury, witness, judge, and opposing counsel to see. We incorporate PowerPoint™ presentations and Trial Director™ software to present evidence electronically in the courtroom.

When you contact us initially, we will schedule an appointment to meet with your litigation team, assemble, scan and load all trial exhibits into Trial Director™. We work tirelessly with you in the war room to perfect opening and closing arguments, prepare witnesses and experts for testimony. Allow us to help you win using technology in the courtroom.


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